My Opinionated Choices

My Favorites Lists of Software, Tools & Utilites and more…

There is a absolutely HugeMongous amount of software on the internet for free. Every imaginable need can be fullfilled if…

You can just find it! So, here are some of my favorite lists for: Business, Web, Server, SysAdmin, Productivity, SaaS and some others.

#1 – Get a Webhosting Account with cPanel!

What many people will do when they want to get on the web is go straight to a web hosting company and look for WordPress Hosting. It’s cheap, might even be free. But, what I suggest that you get is a Web Hosting subscription with the cPanel account.
Make sure that you find “Softaculous” or “Auto-Installers” listed as part of the account.
Besides Softaculous they may offer another popular one called Fantastico.

You will have so much fun, you will be busy for days eating little debby snacks, drinking energy drinks and coffee until you collapse face first of exhaustion on your computer desk.

Besides the damage you may do to your health or your face what you will discover is a whole set of tools to run your business.
ALL are included in your Web Hosting account and this is just a small example:

  • Multiple Email Accounts
  • FTP Account
  • WordPress
  • A Web Page Builder
  • Accounting Software
  • Forums
  • IT Asset Management
  • Cloud Storage & Hosting
  • Project Management Tools
  • Learning Management Platforms

and a huge amount of other software that you may need. ALL included in your Web Hosting plan.
Okay, no more barking ( Arf Arf) Here is the lists I mentioned: