Start Here

Welcome to my site.

There is not much complexity to this site. Rather, it is a springboard to get to:

  • Skills and experience
  • Domains I have
  • Web Servers
  • Projects I am working on
  • Demo sites and projects
  • Blogs, Articles & Tutorials
  • Any other random technical item I thought deemed good to be included on this website

Think of it as my kickstart server. 🙂

The menus on this home page are separated mostly into categorical-type career experiences.

Most everything I have laid out in the “Links & Url’s” section and should be clear and concise for any skills or technologies you are curious about or want a better idea of my experience.

If you have any questions

You can contact me through any of the social media platforms. If this is in regards to any career opportunities please contact me via the “LinkedIn” platform.