Microsoft Products, Videos and Demonstrations

Hyper-V Lab Setup

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7

Imaging & Deployments

  • Deployment Toolkit
  • Endpoint Config. Mgr.
  • SW Center Config. Mgr
  • SCCM Client
  • Autopilot

Cloud Products

  • Office 365 Administration
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Intune

Demos & Examples

Please go to my YouTube channel for many other videos and tutorials. My YouTube Channel is where I upload and store most of the videos for Technical Skills as it is much easier to work with than uploading them on multiple servers and websites.

Microsoft BGINFO Customization

BG Info Customized can be customized for end-user desktops to help users and support personnel quickly idnetify important information about the computer the end-user is assigned.

Killdisk iPXE Boot Server

Microsoft EUC Recycling Stage

Killdisk Secure Erase using iPXE HTTP Server

Documentation on Killdisk ISO Creation can be download at below link.

An iPXE Killdisk boot server allows for one or many computers that need to have the hard drives securely erased to boot from the iPXE server, and automatically detect the primary hard drive and start erasing hard drive without further user input.

Configuration files help tell if what hard drive needs erased. When the hard drive erase is completed, through wired or wireless internet the killdisk app can send a report, and the completed certificate to a predetermined email address.

The certificates can be stored in many ways such as attaching to service ticketing systems for each required hard drive erase, sending them to the recycling company as required or for internal or external auditing purposes.