Video, Photo, Design & Publishing

These skills are no doubt rated as my least strong of skills.

I am able to gather, modify, alter or create photos for WordPress or other websites, and beautify and set the tone for a specific website, store and have the photos be relevant to the site.

The main function as well as in the creation of IT-related documentation, guides, HowTo is where I often use this skill as it is very helpful to add a visual representation to guides and it is more appealing for the reader and gives greater clarity of perhaps just text alone.

Demos and Examples

Mr. Christmas Movie Extra Clips – Just a project I was a part of as a standin and background actor.

A fun history of the personal computer

Photo Editing Project Examples

Single Shot Photo Manipulation

Artifact Removal

Artifact Adjustments

Text & Texture Displacement

Black & White to Watercolor Brush Painting

This is a Black and White photo changed to a watercolor brush painting

Product & Services Photos

Billboard Art & Movies