These skills are no doubt rated as my least strong of skills.

I am able to gather, modify, alter or create photos for WordPress or other websites, and beautify and set the tone for a specific website, store and have the photos be relevant to the site.

The main function as well as in the creation of IT-related documentation, guides, HowTo is where I often use this skill as it is very helpful to add a visual representation to guides and it is more appealing for the reader and gives greater clarity of perhaps just text alone.

I also love to work as a hobbiest in AI Art & Photography using tools like Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion and others.

See gallery for some of the photos I have created.

Demos and Examples

Mr. Christmas Movie Extra Clips – Just a project I was a part of as a standin and background actor.

Mr. Christmas is a very low budget family film that was mostly filmed in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The film is set during the era of WW2 and a small suburban family who is struggling financially and the holidays and Christmas season in just coming up. The father of the file loves his wife and children, works and tries providing for them and would like to have nice gifts for his children, but he just can’t get a break and even get a small loan. Tensions are raised between him and his wife which makes for an even more poor experience during the holidays. The true beauty of the film is the acceptance and gratitude of making things hand-made, having little, but having love, and that the joy and happiness of children are not always in high money gift all sparkly. Mr. Christmas brings joy to the children and shows that it is in hospitality, simplicity, humbleness, thankfulness, loving others and the less unfortunate are the lasting gifts and spirit of Christmas that are truly the most valuable.

A fun history of the personal computer

Photo Editing Project Examples

Single Shot Photo Manipulation

Artifact Removal

Artifact Adjustments

Text & Texture Displacement

Black & White to Watercolor Brush Painting

This is a Black and White photo changed to a watercolor brush painting

Product & Services Photos

Billboard Art & Movies