VPS – Virtual Private Server

For the VPS we would require web hosting, a domain name, possible email settings, SMTP account or anything else that is required of the desired end goal or the needs or the server and services it is being set up for.

Web Hosting Account Setup

We can help get the account setup, payment, email, notifications. In addition all required user accounts for the web hosting as well as email and FTP accounts.

Depending on what the web hosting will be used for we can also provide setting up filter, PHP versions and modules, spam filters, IP Blocking or other needed services.

Auto-Installer Setup

Depending on who the web hosting company is and what technolofies they use we may be able to help setup auto-installers if they are available.

Auto-Installers are usually pre-configured (Mostly) to install and setup PHP-Based web applications. WordPress is by far the most popular Auto-Installer. If you have noticed how fast a web hosting company can get WordPress setup for you, well it is the Auto-Installer technology that is responsible for this. They are scripts that are pre-configured, usually in every way except for username and password usually, but can be completely automated, and you can change the information later.

Softaculous and Fantastico are two of the most well-known companies that provide this service for web-hosting companies. The web hosting companies pay a small fee to include it in thier hosting package plans which get offered to you as additional features.

WordPress is just one of the apps that are included. Often, there are 100-300 different apps that may be available for installation.

Web Hosting Dashboards

Web hosting companies have an Admin and User Interface. This is a Graphical User Interface.

The defualt hosting dashboard may be Plesk, or cPanel, but there are others and some have specific features that may fit a users needs better than those.

If not already pre-installed as the desired web hosting dashboard it may be very difficult to change this option. If using a VPS a custom dashboard can often be installed of your choosing, but ti is not automated per-say and will need installed, set up and configured as required.

More Options…

Specific features or needs


One example of a special or specific requirement may be something like Webuzzo from Softaculous.

It is in-a-nutshell, the Auto-Installer as a stand-alone web server. Softaculous even offers it as a hosted version.

If you have access to the Webuzzo installer you can pull down and install the PHP Web Application to the computer you are on. There are limitations and other requirements, but that is a basic overview.

Custom Options

For any other custom options please call me or email me with details and we can go from there.