Custom GUI PowerShell Application

The apps can be built with 32bit or 64 bit support.

Installers can be .EXE, .MSI, and possibly Electron App format. I believe more options are also becoming available. The program can also be run with a one-time bypass to let help desk personell run the application and it revert back PowerShell Security settings on end of app termination.

Usage Examples

Because the app is cusom built, it is only limited to the imagination or needs of what a person or company is trying to accomplish or a need or problem they have and using this type of tool with resolve the issue.

This can be on end users computers gathering information, running various updates, or it can be on a server gathering and parsing or manipulation dabase information.

The app example on the very bottom was created for help desk users who are not technical. To exponentially increase thier skills and abilities without actually learning andy PowerShell this app was developed.

It can run Windows Updates, McAfee Updates, Group Policy Updates, Check SCCM Configuration Manager for updates, gather system and PC information, gather log files, and several other tasks it runs and can complete.

This allows the help desk employees to complete and fix many more basic problems as well as gather a large amount of information for level2/3 technicians that may need to engae in the issue to resolve it.

It fixes users issues quicker, and ellimites the need for end-users to have to tell the same information over and over with each person they talk to to try and get issue resolved.

The screenshot example below shows the two files in this application. This app is a skimmed-down app that allows a call center, help desk or local IT Support to quickly gather asset information on configuration and application software installed on the computer. It allows saving the information in several formats which can be attached, or pasted into service tickets, email or other uses.

The screenshots above are of other tools and commands such an app is capable of. One of things I would like to mention is that the users of the tool such as help desk personel do not have to know Microsoft Powershell becuase the tool can be built in such a way to require administrative priveledges, and to use elevated commands inside the applications code.

Once the Powershell tool exits and closes the process the elevated priveledges end as well and the system is left to it’s previous state depending on commands built into the Powershell application.

This allows help desk personel to exponentially increase thier ability to resolve issues on 1st call without 2nd or 3rd level support or even the need for desktop support tech to be assigned tickets and request for local dispatch.

The tasks the app can complete and perform are almost limitless and can be determined by company needs and goals or objectives.