Welcome to the site folks.

Here you can find about me, my jobs, hobbies, skills, side-projects, interests, and anything else I deemed desirable for this site. Enjoy it my friend.

This website is organized by the “Top Menu” and the A Awesome A-list of Links & Url’s page link.

It is organized as best possible by roles and skills.

Please have a look at my skills and make use of them all in your company if you hire me.

My Goals:

I am looking for a challenging career move. It may be desktop support, or other role but I would like to have my future employer open to hybrid roles that are more helpful to the employer and how they can take advantage of my skills. This offers me challenge, as well as more variety than a limiting stale role with a select few tasks.

I want to have a role in process changes, root cause and process flow streamlining and resolution or at least, be included in the position.

I am amazed at multi-million or billion dollar companies who think they have great processes in Information Technology and Management when in fact the processes are broken, cumbersome, and actually wasting and costing the company great financial costs and they appear to not care, be unaware of it, or the authority chains are so strained and spread thin they can’t even allow to stop, make a game plan and fix things.

This is called ” The squirrel in the highway” mode. A semi-truck is coming down the road, the squirrel looks, stops, hesitates, starts to go back, no forward, no wait, forward, back, back forward, then suddently jumps out of the way barely escaping.

The amount of waste is so high, a smaller company would have gone bankrupt long ago, but these big companies still manage to stay afloat at high losses.

Root cause analysis and fixing process flows are a refining process to existing processes in place. Sometime a single steps in a process can lock up or severly slow dow the whole process and it just takes a close view of the process to fix the issue and make it work as intended and save hundreds, thousands or millions by refining the process.

Thank You,

Wayne Lowry Burlingame

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